Level 1

Operator performs most tasks

AI provides basic guidance assistance that optimizes human decision-making.

Level 2

Operator is hands-on with minimal guided assistance

The autonomous vehicle can take over basic functions such as speed, steering and machine components.

Level 2+

Operator is hands-off, eyes-on

The vehicle controls critical systems such as precision blade control and in-lane positioning.

Level 3

Operator is hands- and eyes-off.

The machine operates completely independently with only human observation.

Level 4

Operator's eyes, hands and mind are focused on creating value

Operators are able to automate an end-to-end workflow.

Level 5

Machine operates with full autonomy

The vehicle will fully replace traditional human operator tasks, going anywhere and doing anything an experienced human operator can currently achieve.

Trimble Solutions for Autonomy

Purpose-built to innovate at every step of your autonomy journey, so you can sense, think and act optimally to meet your strategic objectives.

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GNSS Correction Services

Best-in-class localization, available anywhere in the world

Sensor Fusion

Combine data inputs from multiple sensors to form a single model of the work space

Inertial/Dead Reckoning/GNSS Systems

Delivering greater accuracy via leading sensor solutions

Visual Odometry

Uses various sensors (lidar, cameras) to measure motion in a 3D space

Simultaneous Localization & Mapping

Enable machines to map surroundings and provide accurate positioning in difficult environments

Workflow Optimization Solutions

AI-based problem-solving engine to get the most from your assets


Rapid development of new solutions leveraging our visualization and simulation environments

Path Planning Software

Plan the most optimal routes

Perception Engine

Turning sensor data into actionable information

Telematic/Fleet Management

Track vehicle performance in real time to optimize productivity

Autonomy Analytics Platform

Transform data into meaningful insights available to the entire autonomy ecosystem

Work Order Systems

Enable automatic scheduling, assigning and tracking tasks and jobs

Implement Control

Build precise, automated work tool control for any application

User Interface & Data Monitor

Execute complex tasks through a simple, accessible operator interface

Actuators & Controllers

Deliver total control over your on-site tasks

Advanced Steering Control

Enable complex maneuvering along a specified route

Ruggedized Hardware

Long-lasting, reliable components purpose built for your application

Speed Control

Maintain efficient control of vehicle speed to suit operating environment

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